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Food Safety

Our kitchen and meal packaging facility fall under the jurisdiction of and are fully licensed and inspected by the State of Pennsylvania and New Jersey similar to restaurants and large food prep/commissaries, such as hotels and hospital kitchen facilities. The Health Department’s permitting standards mirror those of the FDA and USDA and add additional requirements as appropriate for the specific type of facility and products being licensed.

The food safety and quality of the meals produced by Kremmer’s Community Kitchen is of paramount importance to us, and we take a number of steps to ensure that they meet or exceed the FDA and USDA standards for food safety. Our kitchen and packaging room is designed to meet FDA standards and are operated with strict quality and sanitation controls; we cook our ingredients and then cool them in compliance with the USDA Safe Food Handling requirements. Finally, we ensure that the temperature of our meals is maintained at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit until it arrives at your door, in order to ensure the quality and freshness of your order.

All of this is managed/controlled via a certified food manufacturing standard “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)” protocol in the same way that food manufacturers that fall under federal jurisdiction follow

The health of our customers and the safety of our food has always been the #1 priority for Kremmer’s Community Kitchen and while COVID-19 is very much top of mind to all of us these days, it is only one of many food safety concerns that the ready-to-eat meals businesses (such as restaurants, grocery stores and Factor) manage every day.

We take this responsibility seriously and always meet or exceed the ongoing guidance from the experts at CDC, FDA, USDA and Health Departments across all aspects of our business and are taking extra precautions to provide further assurance to our customers during this current pandemic.

  • Our kitchen and production facility undergoes a full, “deep” sanitation daily as well as multiple sanitation cleaning of all equipment throughout the day.
  • Employees are given a health screening as they arrive at work and are sent home if they are ill; all employees properly wash their hands every time they enter a food production area and always wear gloves and masks when they handle food. They are provided clean coats, which are changed at specific times during each day. Hair and beard nets have always been worn throughout our production facility with 100% compliance.
  • The Kremmer’s Community Kitchen facility is permitted by the Health Department whose standards mirror or exceed those of the USDA, FDA and Illinois Department of Health. We operate with robust quality and food safety protocols which are designed specifically for our facility. And of course, our kitchen adheres to USDA cooking/cooling temperature requirements.
  • Employees who pack your weekly order wear masks and gloves when handling the packaged meals and equipment is regularly wiped down and sanitized.

Here is a link to the FDA’s frequently asked questions site regarding COVID-19.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience Team with any questions by calling 610-797-4901 or emailing

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